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Forest Creature – Basic Body – video course



Would you like to learn how to needle felt whimsical Forest Creatures?

This easy-to-follow intermediate/improver in-depth online video course with 19 videos teaches you everything you need to know to create this magical being's Basic Body!

The course includes creating the core shape, the face, the body colouring, the tiny legs and his unique hat in more designs.

Basic Body - core shapes
Basic Body - face & body coat
Basic Body - hat
Basic Body - one leg attachment

The Welcome and Tools & Materials videos are free to watch and it can help you decide whether you'd like to purchase the tutorial.

Click to play

Click to play

Details of the project

The Forest Creature - Basic Body is an amazing and inspired project for those who love forests, woodlands and like to let their imagination run wild.

The basic body is firmly felted which makes the surface perfect for felting 3D details on it. How you wish to decorate them is only limited by your own imagination.

Currently I offer three embellishment tutorials that can be bought separately: a mushroom scene, blackberries and oak leaves with acorns. 

mushroom forest creature
berry forest creature
leafy forest creature

However, if you'd like to learn how to needle felt all three decoration options, make sure to check out the Forest Creature Autumn Bundle offer!

What you'll learn with the help of the Forest Creature - Basic Body video course:

  • How to build up his body starting from a cylinder shape;
  • How to use the technique of layering to make it possible to create a complex shape simply by adding wool where necessary;
  • How to create a rounded and bulky edge for the hat - which is a great technique I've been using for many projects, even smaller ones;
  • How to make the pointy and curvy part of the hat in 3 different styles without using any wire.

What you'll get by purchasing the video tutorial:

  • Lifetime access to the online video tutorial in the Project Zone. So you can watch it again and again as many times as you need which enables you to work at your own pace.
  • 19 high-quality (4K) videos with very detailed visual and verbal instructions. (Not counting the Tools & Materials video that is free to watch.)
  • Clear separation and organisation of the steps so you can pick up where you left off easily when you come back. It also makes the project more manageable.
  • Plus, you'll learn the above mentioned techniques.

Some parts of the tutorial where the same repetitive felting happens are sped up or shortened after giving you all the necessary instructions. So you can spend more time felting than watching.

Here's the Lessons List:

Forest Creature - Basic Body - Final Lesson List

Difficulty level

The Forest Creature - Basic Body is a step-by-step, very detailed course ideal for intermediate/improver felters. Anyone who has already tried his hands at more complex (but not too difficult) projects that involved multiple steps can give it a try. 

Since everything is broken down into smaller steps, explained and demonstrated, needle felting a Forest Creature is not too difficult.

However, it requires patience and a good understanding of how to work with wool - i.e. how much wool to add, how firmly to felt, how to avoid overfelting while making sure that the piece is a good base for additional 3D work, etc.

And if you purchase any of the decoration tutorials, you have to be comfortable enough to try and work with and on small details.

Time to finish one Forest Creature

In order to be able to felt small and precise details on the body of a Forest Creature, it needs to be firmly felted. And that takes time.

For reference, depending on the different hat styles, my basic bodies took between 9 to 12 hours to make.

But that doesn't mean you have to watch me needle felt one Forest Creature for that long. As I've mentioned before the videos are tweaked to contain only the necessary parts.

How you'll get access to the course

After purchasing, you'll get instant lifetime access to the Forest Creature - Basic Body video course in the Project Zone - the "school" page of Wondrous Whimsy Studio. Even if you haven't registered an account yet, your purchase will automatically create you one and you'll receive an email about it.

You'll also receive the direct link to the video tutorial via email in your order confirmation.

Are you ready to needle felt some whimsical Forest Creatures and have some needle felting fun?


Due to the fact that Forest Creatures can be decorated in many ways the maker prefers, any Forest Creature you make based on this online video course and then embellish with your OWN, unique designs can be sold without any additional permission from me.

However, crediting Wondrous Whimsy Studio as the inventor and developer of the Forest Creature idea is required.

On the other hand, using any of my original designs to decorate your Forest Creature is for personal use only

Happy felting!


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