Beginner Guide

Are you a beginner needle felter? Or are you wondering what you need to take on this amazing craft? I've got you covered! Everything you wanted to know is in these posts. And if, by any chance, you don't find what you're looking for, drop me a line! 

Make Needle Felted Pumpkins – Beginner Project

Would you like to try needle felting but don’t know where to start? Then don’t miss this beginner-friendly needle felted pumpkin project!

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How to use the reverse felting needle – video tutorial for beginners

Have you dreamed about making fluffy felted figurines? Learn how to use the reverse felting needle to make it a reality!

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The Best Advice to Beginner Needle Felters

Does it frustrate you that your wool figurines don’t look the way you want them to? The best advice to beginner needle felters will help!

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3 Things You Need as a Beginner Needle Felter

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the needle felting supplies? Then don’t miss this short list of the 3 things you really need as a beginner!

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How Much Wool You Need to Buy for Needle Felting

Have you ever got confused when trying to figure out how much wool you should buy for a needle felting project? I got you covered!

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Check If Needle Felting Is a Good Hobby For You

Are you still on the fence whether needle felting could be a good hobby for you? I got you covered! This checklist will help you decide!

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