Would you like to try needle felting but don't know where to start? Then don't miss this beginner-friendly needle felted pumpkin project!

Each time summer is coming to an end, I eagerly wait to see all the beautiful colours of autumn: the yellows and browns and rusty shades combined with darker greens. The decorations catching my eyes most during this time of year are not just vibrant but also abundant reminding me of the fruits of a great harvest.

One ever returning symbol of this season is the pumpkin in all kinds of size, shape and form. Needle felting one is very easy and fun and a great way to spice up your autumn decoration.

In this post you'll find a step-by-step tutorial for a round pumpkin. It's a beginner-friendly project and you can use any kind of colour you like!

And if you're looking for a spooky Halloween-y pumpkin, after you've learnt the basics you can try your hands at making Mr. Ghosty as well!

Mr. Ghosty, the spooky yet cute needle felted ghost pumpkin - round face 1

Let's get started!

How to make a needle felted pumpkin

Tools you'll need

Needle felted pumpkins and materials
  • Carded wool in any colour you want. I use Corriedale. If you want to use wool tops, it's best to go for a medium or coarse one. If you're a complete beginner, though, then I recommend choosing carded wool batts or slivers.

I explain why carded wool is the best choice for beginners in 'The best advice to beginner needle felters' post.

The best advice to beginner needle felters
  • 38 gauge star or twisted star.  If you have 38 gauge triangle, that's also good. Star needles work faster, that's why they are my go to choice. 
  • For a firmer and smoother pumpkin finish it up with a 40 gauge needle.
  • A mat. You can use whichever type you find comfortable: foam or wool. 

If you need more information about needle felting mats, check out the '3 things you need as a beginner needle felter' post.

3 things you need as a beginner needle felter

Video tutorial to a round needle felted pumpkin

Hands working on needle felted pumpkin 1

Round pumpkins are fun. My favourite way of shaping them starts with making a bundle out of wool. Then adding layers to it on the top and bottom of that bundle, as well as fatting up the sides. If you want a bigger or smaller pumpkin just adjust the quantity of wool you use.

A word of advice, though! Even if you want to make it much bigger than the one I show you in the video, add wool gradually, layer after layer. Always needle felt down one layer - as little or as much you want depending on your preference for firmness - before adding another.

Click to play

Video tutorial to blending colours for a pumpkin

In case you don't have a lot of coloured wool, you can build up the pumpkin body using natural white coloured wool or core wool as well. Then, putting a layer (or two) of colour on top of that.

You can also experiment with blending several colours together. In the video below I show you how to do just that using a natural white base.

Click to play

I hope you are more than excited to try making these needle felted pumpkins for yourself. You can use the colours of real pumpkins or let your imagination run wild and experiment! Either way, have fun!

Mr. Ghosty, the spooky Halloween-y pumpkin

Are you hungry for more needle felted pumpkin fun? Or do you like creepy but cute looking decorations? If your answer is yes, then try Mr. Ghosty!

In spite of being spooky, he is actually very timid and fun to be around. He has only one habit that might creep you out ... he likes eating spiders! He knows that they will only make him rounder and rounder, but what can he do? Mr. Ghosty just loves how they taste!

Get the Mr. Ghosty, the spooky yet cute ghost pumpkin video tutorial now! 

Mr Ghosty cover image for tutorial in pumpkin post

Happy felting!

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