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What are Forest Creatures?

Basic Forest Creature Body with drawing

These adorable and whimsical beings live deep in the forest and protect the flora and fauna. What they are responsible for - like mushrooms, oak trees and wild blackberries - appears on their body.

These magical creatures can take any form they prefer but this is their favourite shape to be in. They appear only to those who love and respect the natural world around us. And of course, to those who believe in magic! 

Thanks to the Forest Creature Video Course you can learn how to needle felt your own little keeper of woodland wonder!

How the course is built up

The main part of the course is the Forest Creature - Basic Body online video tutorial.

It teaches you everything you need to know about how to needle felt the adorable body of the Forest Creature. 

You'll learn:

  • How to build up his body starting from a cylinder shape;
  • How to use the technique of layering to make it possible to create a complex shape simply by adding wool where necessary;
  • How to create a rounded and bulky edge for the hat - which is a great technique I've been using for many projects, even smaller ones;
  • How to make the pointy and curvy part of the hat in 3 different styles without using any wire.
Forest Creature - Basic Body Course Cover
Basic Body - core shapes
Basic Body - face & body coat
Basic Body - hat
Basic Body - one leg attachment

Even though it's a bigger project with 19 videos, the very detailed visual and verbal instructions and clear separation and organisation of the steps make it easily manageable. Take a look at the Lessons List below:

Forest Creature - Basic Body - Lesson List

You can watch the Welcome and Tools & Materials videos for free.

Click to play

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When you're ready with the Basic Body of your Forest Creature, you have 3 decoration options to choose from. Each one of them has its own detailed, step-by-step video tutorial with downloadable templates.

The Mushroom Scene

mushroom forest creature social 1


berry forest creature

Oak Leaves & Acorns

leafy forest creature

Difficulty level of the course:

The Forest Creature - Basic Body is a step-by-step, very detailed course ideal for intermediate/improver felters. Anyone who has already tried his hands at more complex (but not too difficult) projects that involved multiple steps can give it a try. 

Since everything is broken down into smaller steps, explained and demonstrated, needle felting a Forest Creature is not too difficult.

However, it requires patience and a good understanding of how to work with wool - i.e. how much wool to add, how firmly to felt, how to avoid overfelting while making sure that the piece is a good base for additional 3D work, etc.

And if you purchase any of the decoration tutorials, you have to be comfortable enough to try and work with and on small details.

What you'll get by purchasing the course:

  • Lifetime access to the online video tutorials in the Project Zone. So you can watch it again and again as many times as you need which enables you to work at your own pace.
  • 19+ high-quality (4K) videos with very detailed visual and verbal instructions. (Not counting the Welcome & Tools & Materials videos that are free to watch.)
  • Clear separation and organisation of the steps so you can pick up where you left off easily when you come back. It also makes the project more manageable.
  • Pre-Sale Bonus 1: Access to a private Facebook group where you can share your progress with others.
  • Pre-Sale Bonus 2: Access to two 30-minute long Zoom group chats in November. 

How you'll get access to the course

You'll be able to access the course in the Project Zone - the "school" page of Wondrous Whimsy Studio. You'll be enrolled automatically after purchase.

However, the lessons will not be unlocked all at once - as I'm still editing them. They'll be added continuously to the course when they are ready.

First, only the lessons of the Forest Creature - Basic Body will be uploaded and then the decoration tutorials. Again, one by one.

You'll be notified when new lessons are available via email and in the private Facebook group (see Pre-Sale Bonuses below).

The course officially starts on November 12 2022, when you'll get access to the lessons in Chapter 2: The Core Shape.

Pre-Sale Bonuses

I'd like this project to be a cosy November felting experience for you, so I'd like to give you a chance to interact with each other. 

This Pre-Sale also includes access to a private Facebook group where you can share your progress with each other and we can all get to know each other a little bit.

You can also ask any questions you have about the project in the group.

Plus, we'll have two 30-minute long Zoom group chats in November. The dates and times will be chosen after the course starts by voting, so hopefully they will suit most of us.

These calls are only available for those who join while the Pre-Sale offer lasts. 

Information about how you can access the Facebook group will be emailed to you on November 12.

Purchasing options

20% Pre-Sale discount is automatically applied in the shop.



All tutorials are listed separately in the shop allowing you to choose which decoration option(s) you want to add to the Basic Body.

Forest Creature - Basic Body Course Cover

The full price list of the tutorials:

Forest Creature - Basic Body video course


Mushroom Scene detail tutorial


Blackberries detail tutorial


Oak Leaves & Acorns detail tutorial


20% Pre-Sale discount is applied automatically at the checkout!



The bundle is the best choice if you're interested in learning how to make all three decoration ideas and learn several detail-making techniques.

photos of 3 designs

The full price of all tutorials bought individually would be £58, but the Autumn Bundle can be purchased for £50.

20% Pre-Sale discount is applied automatically at the checkout making it even more affordable!

Are you hesitant or have questions?

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the Forest Creature Video Course. I'm happy to help!

Self-portrait while felting


Hi, I'm Niki!

My goal is for you to learn how to needle felt and then use this awesome craft to slow down, get calmer and feel centred again. And, of course, to create more and more cheerful woolly companions!

I've been needle felting for about 2.5 years now and simply can't get enough of it!

This craft has a way of helping me relax and find inner peace while having fun.

I would like to help you experience the same!