Beginner Needle Felting Course – Q&A

Hello Fellow Creative!

On this page you can take a look at the initial curriculum of the planned beginner needle felting course and read the collection of questions you asked and my answers.

Here's the curriculum for the Foundations which gives the basic yet practical and thorough knowledge of how to start needle felting.

Here's the list of the panned Practice Projects that can help you practise all you learn in the Foundations and build up you needle felting skills.

Your questions are answered below.

Will there be information about where to purchase supplies?

Yes! Each one of my free and premium courses/tutorials that are already available in the Project Zone has a Tools & Materials lesson which is accompanied by a pdf that lists the supplies and the suppliers.

However, so far I've only included UK suppliers. In the beginner felting course, I'll add US and Australian suppliers as well. I'll select them based on whether they sell the same or similar supplies OR based on the experience of experienced felters in those countries.

If you need help finding suppliers in other countries, you can let me know by replying to this email or filling out the survey, if you haven't done so. (Scroll down for the button.)

Will there be videos?

Yes! The beginner felting course is going to be a video course. Just like my previous tutorials and courses. I am a visual learner myself and prefer videos. 

These videos will be bite-sized (no longer than 10 minutes) and will be put together in the best possible way to give you the best understanding and help you build your skills.

Can I purchase the Foundations without the Practice Projects?

Yes! The Welcome to Needle Felting: Foundations (6 chapters) will be listed as a video course on its own. And each practice project will also be listed on its own!

I'll create a bundle offer in which both the Foundations and the practice projects can be purchased together at a more affordable price. But, listing them individually will also create an option for those who will want only one or two of the practice projects and want nothing to do with the Foundations.

Will you offer kits?

Depends! I know that some people prefer kits and some don't. So, I'll have to see if there's a need for that in the case of this course.

But! I'm well aware that many people worry about the costs of the supplies AND the variety of them. This is why I decided to keep the supply list as short as possible. This means that although I plan to show you more colour options for the projects, I'll choose a simple colour palette with only a few colours

What will the price of the course be?

The price of the course is not calculated yet. I'll let you know once I have finalised things. 

Will you talk about building up bulk and making projects bigger?

Yes! Chapter 5: Shape building will cover all kinds of useful information about the subject of shape building. And that includes building up bulk. Lesson 2: Learn the technique of layering will focus on this. 

Thanks to this question I realised that we may refer to shape building differently! What I mean by layering is not simply placing another layer of wool to the base. It also means adding bigger amounts in different ways to different parts of the body where it is needed. And that includes adding bulk too.

Lesson 1: How to break down any projects into different shapes will address the second part of this question. When you know what basic shapes and shaping techniques you need to use, then you can easily alter the proportions and create bigger sculptures.

Do all Practice Projects start on a form?

Yes! That's why I included the starter shape after each practice project.

Here's my reason. When I was a beginner I found it easier to start most ideas with a sphere shape. It gave me confidence to start! It worked like a crutch. I was nervous about making mistakes even though I knew it was pointless. By the time the ball was ready I was more relaxed and ready to continue with the idea I had in mind.

I believe that for those who are complete beginners and 'nervous' beginners, starting from a practised basic shape - regardless of the shape - is a confidence-boosting idea.

Maybe a flat piece would be good? Perhaps it could be added to one of the forms like wings?

Chapter 6: Felting separate body parts will address flat shapes in Lesson 2: Felting 2D body parts with stencils & folding. I used the expression '2D body parts' to refer to all kind of flat shapes.

As for practising them with the help of the projects: the ears of all animals listed in the practise projects are 2D/flat shapes, plus the wings of the owlets and the penguins. 

I pay special attention to include all - or almost all - of the basic shapes and other body parts that I'll show you how to do in the Foundations in one or more of the practice projects.

How many projects will there be?

I have planned 10 projects that you could see in above. I might make changes to them or to their order if I think it's necessary. 

How long is the course?

I would like to offer the course as a self-paced one with no time limits and with a life-time access.

However, I'm considering having a beta tester run with a limited number of beginner needle felters before making the course available. In case of that, there'll be a timeframe that those who partake will need to follow and they'll need to give honest feedback on each lesson and project. Naturally, in exchange for a huge discount on the price (maybe even supplies), Zoom chats and access to me when questions arise.

If you haven't given feedback on the initial curriculum of the course but would like to, feel free to click on the button below and fill out the survey.

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